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Wondering what it is going to cost you?

There is no set fee for a visit, it really depends on what the doctor finds necessary in your case and it can also depend on what the insurance company requires.

We accept most major insurance plans. Don't know what your plan coverage is? We are happy to find out what your insurance coverage is for Chiropractic care even before your first visit.

No insurance? Not a problem, we see a lot of patients without insurance, or with policy that doesn't cover our services or maybe a very high deductible that makes charges the responsibility of the patient until that deductible is met.

Our focus is on helping you to feel your best and getting rid of your pain.

We also offer prices and options that can make your pain relief affordable and obtainable with a basic new patient office visit charge of $85.

We also offer a student and military rate for patients who do not file with insurance for their care!
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